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Business hours: M-F: 9-4pm est.
CONTINUOUS: 2YD x 1, 3YD x 1, 10yd x 1 ...etc
NON-CONTINOUS: 1yd x 2, 1yd x 3, 1yd x 10...etc
Shopify Pre-Order link:
Due to the situation we are in at the moment, shipping has tripled in price and delayed by 4 weeks from previous timeline. At times, we received the shipment in batches due to the couriers’ daily weight limitation.
Upon closing of Preorder, please allow up to 14 -16 weeks for fabric to arrived (may be longer during the Holidays). Once arrived, it will take about 2 weeks for packaging and shipment.
Retail link:
Please purchase Retail and Preorder items in separate transactions.
What’s on Preorder or Retail now?
Upcoming Preorder and/or Retail are normally pinned at the top of the post in the group and Preview Album on what will be on Preorder/Retail are also in the same post or you can find them in the appropriate album under Photo tab (you may have to scroll to next page to see the album because they are not in order).
No Layaway on retail. Normally cut in 1yd, 2yd, 3yd cuts, some may be larger depending on the amount of retail available.
Cotton Lycra: Digital print, 230-240gsm 95% cotton/5% lycra, 58”-62” wide. Anything over 58” is a bonus.
Cotton Woven: Cotton woven, 150-165gsm, 58-62" wide, anything over 58” is a bonus.
Swim: 4-way stretch, digital print on 180-190gsm with SPF50, 58-60" wide
Minky: short brush, digitally printed on 300gsm, 58-60" wide.
Selvages along the edges are common, please account for shrinkage.
We inspect our fabric to the best of our abilities and we strive to give you the best quality of fabric.
Due to the nature of digital printing, any minor flaw less then an inch that will not impact the fabric appearance in its entirety will not be discounted/refunded.
Due to the nature of digital printing, it is common any bulk print,for any bulk print, re-run/re-printed fabric, different bases are subject to industry’s standard of 10-15% variation in colors, sizes, width, and weight. Slight colors, sizes, width, and weight variation is to be
Digital Knit and Woven fabric preorder: $24/yard, Retail: $31/yard
Swim and Minky preorder/retail: $32/yd.
Panel sizes approximately: 
Adult Panel size approx. 27 x 32" (graphic ~ 12” tall): $16 preorder/$18 retail.
Big Kid panel appox. 21x27” (graphic~ 8-9” tall): $13 preorder/$15 retail
Big Kid panel set of 3 approx. 21x27” (graphic~ 8-9” tall): $24 preorder/$30 retail
Keep in mind, panels sizes are approximate, they won’t be exact as above. Variance in sizes is normal, especially if panels are printed/rerun at different times. The printer will print as best as they can to the approx. sizes but be aware they can be variance on the sizes on panels.
Order over 10yds+/design/base will receive 10% discount. Checkout as you normally would, discount will be refunded manually via Paypal. Discount applies to Preorder only.
Need to add to existing Preorder/Retail?
Due to Paypal policy changes, we will no longer be able to combine shipping.

There’s no refund, no cancellation once the order is placed, and checked out. If you file a claim with Paypal without coming to us first to address any issue you may have, you will be removed from the group.
You have 7 days to inspect your fabric once the package received to address any issue you may have.
Please allow 24-48hours to respond to any issue you may have for us to reach a solution. We are closed Saturday and Sunday. 
RETURN POLICY: Due to the nature of custom digital printing, there is no refund nor return policy unless the fabric is misprinted by the printer. Please inspect your item once received, you have up to 7 working days to message me regarding flaws or shortage. Exchanges will only be accepted if fabric received is uncut, unwashed, and free from any odor. Any minor flaws under 1” inch that will not distract the fabric appearance will not be discounted. There is NO discount for shrinkage.
DOMESTIC: PRIORITY 1yd -3YD: $10.40 PFRE, 4-8YD $17.05 MFRB,9-13YD $22.20LFRB. Anything over 13 yards are by weight, the website will generate Estimated Shipping for bulk order, this is NOT the actual shipping rate.

is by weight and actual shipping will be charged once taken to the Post Office. Anything under 4lbs can be ship via First Class but 4lbs and up has to be Priority Mail, rates will be according to the Post Office.
Due to the recent changes in Paypal refund policy (effective 6/2019), we can no longer issue any refund to domestic.
International: Any excess shipping $1 or more will be refunded.
For all, buyers will bear under charges before shipment will take place.
INSURANCE: All transactions will automatically include Route shipping insurance. It is optional and you do have the option to remove it when you checkout if you opt not to have insurance.
All packages/purchases shipped PFRE-LFRB come with $50 insurance. First-class packages do not come with insurance. We are not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged packages once they leave our hands (once mail carrier scanned for acceptance).
We highly recommend insuring your orders for any loss, damage, or missing packages.

PHOTO SHARING: All images including/not limited to sewists’ creations stay in the group. The best policy is: ANY images/creations that do not belong to you, do not share without permission. ASK for permission to use their images and respect their answers. A business owner and/or sewist have the right not to share any pattern information if they choose to do so, please respect their business and work. This does not mean you can take their pictures without permission and ask elsewhere/other sewing/pattern groups for any information on the pattern they used.
At Hapa Fabrics, we use the law of parody art to be used/intrepreted as Fair Use for all designs. Fair use is a legal doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. With any license inspired artwork, it is up to the buyers to use their best judgment on acquiring these products.